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AGC - Associated General Contractors of America
AGC is an organization of contractors who promote "skill, integrity, and responsibility" in the construction industry. This is an organization where general contractors and subcontractors who "do things the right way" can network.
CSI - Construction Specifications Institute
CSI is a national association of all members of the construction industry that is dedicated to improving the communication of construction information. This organization brings together all levels of the industry (designers, contractors, suppliers, firms, financial, law, etc.) to discuss and refine construction practices.
The Better Business Bureau is the leader in advancing marketplace trust by creating a community of trustworthy business. They set the standard for marketplace trust and integrity and encourage and support only the best practices by member businesses.
Varco Pruden
Varco Pruden Buildings is a world leader in the pre-engineered steel systems construction industry. VP Buildings specializes in the computer-aided design of pre-engineered steel systems for low-rise construction and works closely with architects, engineers, and builders to provide a building that fits the user's needs with the ability to incorporate glass, brick, stone, or pre-cast concrete components along with the standard metal building components.
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce and Industry
An organization of over 1,150 businesses charged that promotes the community development of the greater Wichita Falls Area. They bring together all facets of business including Commerce, Industry, Education, Professionals, and Government to improve the economy of North Central Texas.
MBCEA - Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association
An organization consisting of Metal Building Manufacturers, Contractors, and Erectors whose mission is to support the professional advancement of the Pre-Engineered Building Industry through training and education.