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Project Delivery Methods

There are several methods for a prospective building owner to use to deliver the building he wants at the best possible price. Each method has its own unique advantages for the prospective building owner.

Fixed Price General Contracting
If the prospective owner has already developed plans and specifications for their project, M & F Litteken Co. can take competitive bids for all phases of the construction and provide a Fixed Price for the construction of the entire project. We have excellent working relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers that allow us to provide competitive pricing while ensuring the quality the owner expects. Upon request, Performance and Payment Bonds can be provided to give the owner additional security.
Construction Manager At Risk
Under this delivery method, The Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) is typically selected early in the design process. This allows the entire team (including the Owner, Architect and CM@R) to work together to help streamline the design phase and tie down the budget much sooner than in a traditional delivery method. CM@R assumes the risk and responsibility for Cost Estimating, Systems Analysis, Value Engineering, Feasibility Reviews, Scheduling, Procurement, Subcontractor Coordination, and the Supervision of the entire Construction Process. Bids are typically taken from subcontractors and suppliers for various trade specific work packages; however, in the CM@R method the owner has the ability to approve and help select the subcontractors and suppliers. This entire process is much more Team based than Fixed Price General Contracting. Upon request, Performance and Payment Bonds can be provided to give the owner additional security.
Design-Build Contractor
This delivery method lumps architectural, engineering, and construction costs into one contract. We have partnerships with several of the leading, local architecture firms who will work closely with us and a prospective owner to quickly develop the facility desired. Estimating can work hand-in-hand with design in this delivery method to help maintain economic feasibility. This method has several advantages for a prospective owner, including: the possibility for a much quicker timescale for the design and procurement phases of the project because portions of each can be performed simultaneously; eliminating or reducing change orders because the design experts and construction experts begin working together sooner in the process; guaranteed maximum prices can be provided quicker; enhanced cooperation between the contractor and design expert help to complete a project faster and cheaper while ensuring the quality the owner expects.
Cost Plus Contracting
This delivery method requires a strong, trusting relationship between contractor and owner, but it has the ability to provide the best value overall. With Cost Plus Contracting, the contractor builds the facility for the prospective owner for the cost of construction plus a predetermined fee.

Ready & Able…

M & F Litteken is ready and able to assist the owner or architect at any stage of the design phase. We have accrued many years of construction/development experience over the years that can be used to assist in developing the best possible project. Upon completion, we will provide an O&M Manual that includes contract close-out documents and systems operational manuals as well as maintenance and warranty information.