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Jobsite Safety…

M & F Litteken recognizes the value in understanding jobsite safety as not only a legal requirement but rather a moral imperative. These dynamic safety approaches, coupled with the implementation of our comprehensive Safety Management Program are the key ingredients in managing quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency.

We have a fierce belief that safety plays an integral part in exceeding the expectations of our clients. Employees deliver quality workmanship in a timely manner by working with an executive and management team that provides appropriate tools, equipment, safety policies and extensive training that allow them to function in an atmosphere free from harmful and dangerous elements.

M & F Litteken personnel and our sub-contractors are not merely authorized, but are required to take proper and immediate actions to correct safety hazards on all jobsites. A controlled substance policy requires pre-employment and post-accident drug testing with employees being subject to reasonable suspicion and random testing.

Safety training programs are designed to promote and articulate safety rules and regulations thru extensive new employee orientation, active staff participation during regularly scheduled safety meetings and by conducting safety inspections of all jobsites to further ascertain compliance and evaluate program effectiveness.

Jobsite safety practices, compliance and hazard communication are greatly enhanced thru additional training. M & F Litteken requires that all Project Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors and a minimum of two persons per crew obtain credentials as an OSHA Competent Person and successfully complete OSHA 10 training.

Our Team…

Joe Ryckoff serves as Risk Manager. Prior to teaming with M & F Litteken in 1997, Ryckoff held positions in the Building Inspection Departments of both the City of Wichita Falls and Austin, Texas. Ryckoff, a former Director of the Central Texas Association of Building Officials, has obtained certifications in the national AGC Safety Management Training Course, Workplace Compliance and Law Update, OSHA 10 and OSHA Competent Person. Ryckoff also serves as Safety Representative to the West Texas Chapter AGC.